Go Fitness Gym

A high-tech gym was inaugurated in Malabon City last April 2013 in apparent response to the growing number of Filipino professionals turning to a healthy lifestyle.

The Go Fitness Gym formally opened its doors at the second floor of the MGC Veranda Mall located at Governor Pascual Avenue, Tenejeros, Malabon.

The management of MCG Veranda said the gym was opened as a positive response to the clamor of frequent mall goers.

Aside from being well stocked with the latest exercise equipment, Go Fitness also offers regular classes on Zumba, aerobics, ballroom dancing and boxing.

In more serious news, the Textile Producers Association of the Philippines or TEXPAP called on the government to put a stop to the unabated smuggling of used clothing known locally as ukay-ukay.

TEXPAP chairman Luna Go said current investigations should go beyond just the smuggling petroleum products but should also look into textiles, among other threatened local industries.

Go added that replacing the incumbent commissioner is unlikely to stop the systematized and deep seated corruption in the Bureau of Customs.


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